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Interior Designers

As an Interior Designer, you know how difficult it can be to find unique artwork that compliments and adds the finishing touch to your design projects.My paintings are available on a commission basis on a ready to hang canvas.If you need to match a décor with a specific color or if have a style in mind, we can work together to create exactly the right fit. If you see one in my gallery and it is sold, I will recreate it for you. Some of the paintings you see in my collection on this site are actually smallercomps that I created for my portfolio. If that is the case, I photoshop the small painting into a room for a better visual. I will create small comps for you and once approved, the large painting is created from the chosen sample in the specified size chosen. Only one painting will be created from the sample you choose. Between 1984 - present I created original art in thePhiladelphia area. Since that time, I moved to Pittsburgh, where I continued to work in large scale acrylic paintings.  I have also continued to grow and market my online art business. If you are currently working on a project requiring an original work of art, please contact me to discover how we can work together!

 Please forward me your information on my contact page or call me at 215.796.7536

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